Social Media Strategies

All social media strategies NMC develops are strategic and intentional.

In developing strategies for individual clients, we first determine what target markets we will be targeting through social media. We then drill farther down to identify demographic information, as well as what motivates them, what their interests are, and what they are passionate about. This information drives the mix of social media sites we include in our campaign, the focus and tone of the content we create, and the look and feel of our client’s social media pages.

This research-based approach, combined with innovative social media marketing tactics also geared specifically to appeal to our client’s target audiences, sets the stage for a social media initiative that goes beyond acquiring a desired number of likes.

NMC social media strategies build public trust, leverage word-of-mouth marketing and secure new customers for our clients.

Does this all sound a bit overwhelming? We can manage your social media platforms for you, growing your audience and building your brand. Read about our social media management services.