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Social media enables you to establish an interactive relationship with a much larger pool of your target market than was ever possible before. It’s also easy to measure results using a series of tools available online, many of which are free.

The first secret to social media success is choosing the right mix of social media platforms to engage in. This depends entirely on the type of business you are in, what your marketing goals are, and how much time you have to devote to social media postings. The second secret is to think and act strategically when it comes to your social media presence.

Simply put, if you are not posting content that provides some kind of value to your followers, your social media relationships are not going to be very strong. 

When it comes to social media, NMC is leading the pack. With its group of young, motivated staff members that live and breathe social media, NMC launches and maintains highly effective social media campaigns that have resulted in significant returns on investment for our clients.

Bob Moore, Thomas College“Thomas College recruited NMC to conduct a social media boot camp for our faculty, staff and even some of our board members. Nancy Marshall and her team clearly understand and communicate the value and effectiveness of using social media as part of one’s marketing efforts, and really got our wheels turning — to the point that our development area launched our first-ever annual support appeal on FaceBook. Whether you’re new to social media and fear the world of FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc., or are looking to increase your competitive advantage, NMC will help get you there.”

Bob Moore ‘79, Vice President of Advancement,
Thomas College

On behalf of a tourism client, we’ve established an interactive relationship with tens of thousands of brand ambassadors that enthusiastically promote the destination on Facebook to their friends on a daily basis. We’ve scored national media coverage by using Twitter as a tool to reach out to top-tier journalists and editors.

Melanie Brooks, The Maine Highlands"I did an online calculator to figure out how much our Facebook has grown…and since NMC took over October 1st, we’re up 84%. AND, since I became grant manager on January 4, 2016, we’re up 471%. Thanks for all the hard work! You guys are the best."

Melanie Brooks, Regional Grant Manager
The Maine Highlands

We’ve launched Instagram- and Twitter-based hashtag campaigns that have generated widespread excitement about special events and initiatives outside traditional social media circles. 

NMC can work with you to determine the right mix of social media sites for your business or organization. We can also develop a brand for your social media presence that supports your overall brand, as well as provide helpful tools like content catalogues and guidelines, concepts for contests and special offers, and strategies for increasing followers and engagement with those followers. We can even handle the implementation of your entire social media campaign for you.

Social media services

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