Measurement & ROI

Lots of public relations professionals and marketers can come up with really great ideas for promoting your business or organization.

But, how do you know if those really great ideas are actually working?

At NMC, we work with you to clearly define your overall business development goals as a first step. We then create strategies geared toward meeting these goals and establish specific measurements of success for each strategy. Whether it’s a social media campaign, a cost-per-click advertising campaign, a special event, a push to increase web traffic, or a media initiative, you can see proof that it is working and how much money you are saving as a result.

As part of our monthly reporting process, you also receive measurement dashboards consisting of charts, graphs and other easy-to-read informational graphics that gauge the effectiveness of the PR program. Measurement dashboards are tailored around individual clients and scopes of work but often chart things like:

  • The number of new clients or new business resulting from an internet marketing campaign
  • Increases in website or blog traffic generated from SEO strategies
  • How many phone and web inquiries were generated from a news article
  • How much new revenue was generated as a direct result of a public relations program
  • How many times key brand messages were repeated by the news media
  • The number of positive comments, likes and shares generated from a social media post

We use the latest research and measurement tools to collect the data for our measurement dashboards, including Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Simply Measured, e-communication distribution and measurement services like Constant Contact and MailChimp, CisionPoint, Google Alerts, and Ifbyphone.

Here’s a real example of how measurement dashboards can prove to decision makers within your company or organization that marketing and PR expenditures are paying off:

A tourism destination recently worked with NMC to increase visitor numbers to their region. We implemented a campaign that combined media outreach, print advertising, social media marketing, and cost-per-click advertising to drive traffic to their website. We created a measurement dashboard to show the economic impact of more than $640,000 that NMC was able to generate for the client, as well as an increased awareness of the region by 30 percent in target markets. The measurement dashboard provided real metrics the client could then share with elected officials and taxpayers.

Contact the NMC team today to find out how we can help you generate a maximum return on investment for your marketing and PR programs by generating real, measureable and sustainable results.