Conversion Optimization

By analyzing your website analytics and implementing proven tactics to boost the efficacy of your website, the NMC team can help you significantly increase the number of visitors to your website who take the action that you want them to take.

What that action is depends on you and your marketing goals. It could be signing up for an e-newsletter. It could be signing an online petition. It could be making a donation or purchase.

A few of the things we look at include your bounce rate, exit rate, average time people spend on each page, and average number of pages people view before exiting your site. With this information in hand, we can begin to make improvements that will get more visitors to answer your call to action and to answer that call more quickly. One of the most basic improvements we can make is structuring a site so visitors can take that desired action easily right from the homepage.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg. What you do need to know is that conversion optimization is structured, systematic and scientific. It's not based on opinion, intuition or guesswork.

It's about attracting high quality prospects, not about driving website traffic up as high as you can, in any way you can.

It's not a one-shot deal. It is an ongoing process with long-term, far reaching results.