Market Research

Do you know your target audiences? Are you confident that you know what the public thinks about you and your company? Have you asked them?

The best marketing strategies are founded in research. At NMC, we like to build all client relationships on a strong foundation of qualitative and quantitative data. Firmly establishing the demographic and psychographic characteristics of those you are trying to influence will make it much easier to connect with and engage them. Similarly, establishing how well you are known, understood and respected in the communities you serve provides a benchmark from which you can proactively work to improve your public image.

Research can also help determine if a new logo or tagline will be well received before you spend thousands of marketing dollars on finalizing them. In addition, it can help determine the offerings, features and price points of a new product or service based on direct customer feedback.

NMC offers a full range of research capabilities, from focus group organization and large-scale surveys to data analysis and strategic planning. Contact us today to find out how we can help you build a strong foundation through research for your marketing initiatives.

Market research services