Nancy Marshall

Founder & CEO
Nancy Marshall, NMC Founder and CEO

Gumption. You have it, or you don't.

Nancy Marshall, the PR Maven® and CEO of Nancy Marshall Communications, has it. She's a powerhouse of city-girl grit, staunch country values, and go-getter vigor. With her infectious laugh, bone-deep curiosity, and hunger for people's stories, Nancy exudes vitality and makes friends wherever she goes.

It takes gumption to be an entrepreneur like Nancy, to grow a PR firm; to keep it infused with iconic Maine values while expanding globally; to build a huge Rolodex of connections; and to retain a team of brilliant and loyal employees.

Nancy grew up in rural Bethany, Connecticut. At 17, Maine became Nancy’s permanent residence when her father was transferred to Augusta. She finished high school at Hebron Academy and attended Colby College, majoring in French and competing on the swim team. She later earned her MBA.

Nancy landed her first job after college at Maine Public Television where she was able to try out several on and off-camera positions. It was at that PBS station that Nancy formed a lifelong friendship with Senator Angus King, then the future governor of Maine. It was also where she worked on a special on how to ski—a job that launched her career.

Six weeks at Sugarloaf was a dream job for this 24-year-old. She loved the work so much that she started looking for a permanent position at Sugarloaf, and was hired as the marketing department's assistant communications director under PR guru Chip Carey.

Imagine having no budget to travel to New York City to pitch ski writers; but you go anyway. You stay with friends; you save on cabs by jogging alongside marathoner Chip; you stalk ski writers by waiting in the ladies room of the big ski magazines, washing your hands and talking about the great skiing in Maine. That's gumption!

After working at Sugarloaf for seven years, Nancy was downsized with just two weeks’ notice and immediately started her own agency with Sugarloaf as her first client. She believes it was the best thing that ever happened to her.

Nancy’s hallmark is her commitment to living clients' businesses. When she was representing Northern Outdoors, she became a licensed whitewater rafting guide. For the Maine Windjammer Association, she lived the life of a crewmember on the "Victory Chimes."

Carving out a new adventure, Nancy recently authored the book PR Works!, a how-to guide on the best PR strategies. She is also a social media powerhouse, a columnist for Mainebiz, a personal branding expert blogger at her, and a business and motivational speaker. Who knows what's next?

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