Liz LeClair

Account Coordinator/Graphic Designer
Liz LeClair, NMC Account Coordinator/Graphic Designer

Creative Mind, World Betterer, Don Draper Wannabe

Liz fell in love with graphic design by learning how to use Photoshop to give herself two heads. As proud as a 13 year-old would be about that, Liz decided that day she wanted to be a designer. She later learned her true passion lay in design by creating work that touched her audience. Breaking barriers and striving for untouched territory has taught her how to make a lasting impact on all who view her designs. 

At NMC, Liz uses her passion to collaborate with the web and creative team to keep clients’ brands looking fresh and empowering them to stand out from the competition. She makes it her mission to ensure all clients keep up with the changing times while maintaining their unique brand qualities and making full use of the tools at hand. 

Liz has a background in web design and digital marketing, but advertising and creative freedom is where she finds her voice. This enables her to push the limits and demonstrate the full capabilities of great design. Life lessons and daily adventures ignite the creative fire that fuels Liz as a designer and inspire her to improve everyday. Through design aesthetics such as narrative and interactivity, Liz believes she can change the world through her work and, as a girl of few words, design is her most prized tool. 

Attending Endicott College on the North Shores of Beverly, Massachusetts, Liz earned her bachelor of fine arts degree in visual communications, graphic design. Spending these four years just outside Boston, Liz embraced her new urban scenery and through internships and an intensive design program, drew from the creative minds around her to grow into an experienced designer. 

Growing up deep in the woods of western Maine, Liz learned to make the most of life off the grid by making music, playing and coaching sports, exploring the culinary arts, loving her friends and family, and embracing what her home state has to offer. While her heart belongs to her spunky pug Duncan, Liz has promised to share her love with the world, making it a better place, one design at a time.