Jessica Donahue

Account Supervisor
Account Supervisor Jessica Donahue

Meet Jessica, strategist, event planning expert, outdoor enthusiast

Jessica has had a long love of working with the tourism industry that continues to this day, and she both enjoys and excels at working with NMC’s tourism-based clients. However, she also has a well-rounded background that includes experience in human resources, grant management and group sales.

A versatile multitasker, Jessica spends her time pitching her clients to a variety of international, nation, regional and local media outlets based on their strategic plans. You’ll find that Jess is tenacious about getting results, always looking for innovative ways to promote her clients and their businesses. In addition, she manages the website development and internet marketing teams.

Jessica specializes in all things pitching
• Media relations and pitching
• Creating strategic plans
• Content creation
• Event planning
• Advising on graphic design
• Website development
• Internet marketing
• Conducting research

Before joining NMC, Jessica was…
• Director of marketing & promotions for a convention & visitors bureau
• Marketing analyst for a health system organization

In her spare time, Jessica enjoys…
Hanging out with Copley, her white German shepherd/Lab; Bumble, a border collie and Great Pyrenees mix (both shelter dogs); and her husband, Quinton. She’s an avid camper and hiker and spends a majority of her time outdoors.

Bachelor of Science in marketing with a minor in psychology from Bentley University; currently taking courses at the University of Maine at Orono for a Master’s of Business Administration.

(207) 620-9075
151 Capitol Street, Suite One
Augusta, Maine 04330