Jennifer Boes

Communications Strategist
Jen Boes, NMC Communications Strategist

Public Relations Engineer, Marshall Plan® Strategist, Versatile Writer

Despite, or perhaps emergent from, one professor’s “slower lower” judgement to a quick-thinking, scissor-saving ATV ride, Jen Boes demonstrates her passion for creative writing and public relations and communications.

From her graduate degree and throughout her entire professional resume, Jennifer’s career has focused on designing and executing various public relations and communications initiatives, managing PR development, and creating unique strategic marketing plans for firms in industries ranging from banking to academia to nonprofits.

Jen believes that the mark of a true PR professional is the ability to calmly and quickly come up with a solution to address the inevitable bumps that appear in the public relations road.

Back to the ATV teaser…

Early in Jen’s relationship with Nancy Marshall Communications she was performing a ribbon cutting at Saddleback Mountain with then Governor Baldacci. The ceremony was a sheer hair’s width from starting when she realized she had left the oversized ribbon-cutting scissors in her car…in the parking lot…that was at least a 15-minute walk round-trip. Panic started to set in. Her heart raced. And on the horizon she saw a Saddleback employee on an ATV driving toward her. With a deep breath and a determined attitude, she jumped onto the back of the four-wheeler, astounding her driver, as she politely asked him to drive her quickly to her car to get those scissors. Her shocked comrade obliged and saved the day!

Jen brings this avant-garde, quick-on-her-feet thinking to all the work she does. She isn’t just a public relations professional. She is a true public relations engineer, building incremental value, awareness, and success for the clients she works with. Twice, within two years, Jen’s off-the-beaten-path solutions have merited her promotions within the companies she has worked for.

If you are seeking a creative individual who will bring a fresh view, vibrant energy, and “let’s do this” attitude to your professional team, you’ll find Jen Boes to be the candidate who meets your needs and exceeds yours expectations. 

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