Jennifer Boes

Communications Strategist
Jen Boes, NMC Communications Strategist

Meet Jennifer, public relations engineer, Marshall Plan® strategist, versatile writer

Jennifer brings her 20+ years of experience in marketing and public relations to every project she’s involved in. Her background is extensive, encompassing agency, government, nonprofit, tourism, economic development and health care entities. An accomplished writer and researcher, Jen is the chief architect of The Marshall Plans®, NMC’s trademarked strategic marketing plan.

A creative individual who brings a fresh view, vibrant energy and “let’s do this” attitude to the table, Jennifer inspires the same in her clients. She believes that the mark of a true PR professional is the ability to calmly and quickly come up with a solution to address the inevitable bumps that appear in the public relations road.

Jen specializes in all things strategic
• Leading discovery meetings as part of the Marshall Plan® process, and compiling the vast amount of material generated into the final document to be presented to the client
• Drafting brand manifestos, message maps, social media posts, press releases, op-eds, blog posts and articles, and web content
• Media pitching

Before joining NMC, Jen was…
• Public information officer and tourism public relations director for an economic development entity
• Director of public relations and publications coordinator for a children’s rehabilitation hospital
• An account executive for a public relations firm specializing in the retail and hospitalization industries

In her spare time, Jen enjoys…
Cooking, reading, traveling, and spending time with her husband and their dog, Nell.

Split Bachelor’s Degree in Communication with a concentration in public relations and English, with a concentration in journalism

(207) 620-9070
151 Capitol Street, Suite One
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