Greg Glynn

Account Supervisor
Greg Glynn, NMC Account Supervisor

Detailed. Knowledgeable. Passionate.

A heartbreaking overtime loss in the Eastern Conference Finals turned into the best thing to happen to Greg Glynn and worked out pretty well for Nancy Marshall Communications, too.

It was 2006, and the Portland Pirates were in contention for the Calder Cup, but before they could raise that silver trophy, they had to beat the Hershey Bears. As the VP of communications for the Portland Pirates, Greg traveled with the team, handling all media interviews and serving as the play-by-play announcer. He was broadcasting game seven when Eric Fehr crossed the blue line and fired the game-winning shot, clinching the playoffs for Hershey. The season was over for the Pirates, and life was about to take a major turn for Greg.

With the season at an end, Greg used the break in his schedule to give some attention to his personal life and began dating his future wife, Cindy, who lived in Augusta, just miles away from NMC. Sometimes even the greatest losses result in unexpected victories.

After Greg joined NMC, another unexpected situation occurred: Hurricane Sandy. The hurricane devastated the eastern seaboard, causing a ripple effect that threatened to cancel the Christmas program for The Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers in Waterville, Maine, a longtime client of NMC.

All the resources donors would normally allocate to the Christmas program were now tied up in providing emergency relief to hurricane victims, leaving this 110-year old nonprofit in dire need of support. At stake were the Christmases of more than 1,500 Maine children and, with the struggling economy, things were looking bleak. 

The Maine Children’s Home needed to tell its story, and that story would need to reach far and wide to compel people to donate. Greg adjusted his Santa hat and sprang into action. Quicker than a chorus can sing the second verse of jingle bells, he created an integrated public relations plan with a news release, media interviews, a Facebook campaign and website calls to actions.

The result – An 83.8 percent increase in Facebook likes, 21,093 unique website visitors (an increase of 139 percent), and more than double the donations from the previous year – all in the space of just 19 days.

As the Maine Children’s Home Development Director Steve Mayberry remarked, “The PR campaign was thought of the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. By Friday, we were in three newspapers. By Monday, donations of clothes, toys and money started to pour in. We had done four TV spots and four radio interviews. This well-organized campaign allowed MCH to serve 1,660 children – a record year!”

Quick-thinking, yet thorough, Greg works hard to share our clients’ compelling stories with Maine and beyond. 

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