Dianne Chamberlain

Account Coordinator/Graphic Designer
Dianne Chamberlain

Multitasker, Organizational Ace, Team Player

Dianne was born in Portland and has always lived in Maine. For the last 15-plus years she has called the Maine High Peaks region home. Hard work and doing what it takes to get the job done were ingrained in her by both parents — a stay-at-home mother who canned fruits and vegetables, baked bread and made ends meet, and a father who seldom sat still even on nights and weekends.

While working full time at her first job in a shoe shop, Dianne devoted her nights and weekends to completing a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Professionally, she earned positions that required successively higher levels of responsibility and accountability. With an aptitude for computers, she taught herself COBOL programming and systems analysis, a trade that she worked in for the next 20 or so years before leaving to try on a variety of jobs in small businesses which she found suited her skill set and personality perfectly.

In her current role at NMC, Dianne delights in multitasking, helping out on Marshall Plans®, NMC’s signature product; proofreading and copyediting; graphic design projects; maintaining websites; and whatever else is asked of her. Detail oriented, Dianne excels at doing research and fact checking on the web. Every day is considered an opportunity to learn something new, which Dianne notes is often not the case in large, more corporate environments. Her co-workers appreciate her willingness to pitch in and her easy-going attitude.

Dianne loves her home western Maine, right in the middle of some of the most pristine landscapes in the state. Always an avid reader, she is often found sitting next to the stream that runs through her property, book in hand and her cats at her side, and husband Nate nearby.

Dianne can be contacted by email at dchamberlain@marshallpr.com.