Charlene Williams

Charlene Williams, NMC President

Tourism Aficionado, Strategic Planner, Public Relations Guru

A passionate mother and grandmother to two, Charlene has always wanted the best possible educational experience for her children. She spent time volunteering in their classrooms and schools, fundraising, and promoting school events. As an active volunteer in her community, Charlene began networking and connecting with many on both a personal and professional level. Her network soon led to connecting with Nancy Marshall, back when Nancy Marshall Communications (NMC) was first starting to grow. 

Charlene joined NMC in 1997 and began working with a variety of clients. One of her initial responsibilities was to create itineraries for travel writers for the Maine Office of Tourism account. As she began meeting more and more people in the tourism industry, Charlene realized how much impact tourism has on Maine’s economy. Her passion for tourism and PR was born as she realized she could help improve the state’s economy by promoting Maine as a four-season destination to people from around the world. Charlene set a goal for herself to learn every little detail about tourism in Maine. She and her husband began taking a Maine guidebook in their car and driving around the state to experience the state’s many tourism gems. Since then, Charlene has organized more than 600 media and familiarization tours and has built strong relationships with the travel industry and travel media. 

Charlene has managed the Maine Office of Tourism account since 1998. Her extensive knowledge of the tourism industry and tourism marketing makes her a sought-after presenter and educator to businesses, attractions, chambers, and organizations throughout Maine and beyond. Charlene has also been an integral part of several marketing initiatives for the Office of Tourism including international marketing; collaborative marketing with New Brunswick, Canada; management of the PR Partners program; and the coordination of national media events. 

Her strategic and proactive approach coupled with her management abilities led Nancy to name her president of NMC in 2013. Her excellent memory has enabled her to establish lasting relationships and to create customized public relations strategies for each client. She oversees the day-to-day operations of the agency and works closely with the staff and clients to ensure the best possible results are delivered every single day. Charlene currently serves on the board of the Maine Public Relations Council and is a member of the Travel Media Association of Canada. 

In her free time, Charlene enjoys gardening and spending time outdoors on walks and hikes. While she lived in the Maine mountains for several years, the coast is her favorite place to explore. Baking is one of her many talents and hobbies, and it is very much appreciated by the NMC team (especially around the holiday season). A very family-orientated person, Charlene loves spending time with her family, especially her two grandchildren. She captures these joyous moments with photographs and creates scrapbooks to showcase them. 

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