Madison, Maine


Reinventing a Small Town Economy

Founded in 1804, the rural town of Madison, Maine thrived through the early 1900s thanks to the operation of several successful mills. In the 1960s and 70s manufacturing activity began to decline across the U.S., and many of these mills closed shop or...

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Cold River Vodka

EVENT PLANNING: Cold River Vodka First Pour


  • Generate interest in Cold River Vodka (CRV) throughout New England in the days before it was to be first shipped to stores
  • Garner coverage of the event on all three southern Maine TV news stations
  • Secure attendance from a minimum of 10 key journalists...
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Cold River Vodka

Cold River Vodka — MEDIA CAMPAIGN


  • Quickly garner widespread, positive media coverage of Cold River Vodka’s gift to Russian President Vladimir Putin during his visit to Maine
  • Continue positioning Cold River Vodka (CRV) as a premium, small batch, Maine-made vodka


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Saddleback Mountain website


  • Create a website for this Maine ski resort that enables visitors to quickly find the information they want
  • Design a site reflective of Saddleback’s brand, enabling it to stand out from other ski resorts by highlighting excellent customer service, a friendly atmosphere, four-season offerings, and a big mountain “vibe”
  • Attract more...
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Maine Office of Tourism


  • Host event in New York City for locally-based travel, lifestyle, and food journalists to showcase Maine as a vacation destination
  • Encourage a minimum of 20 tourism attractions and businesses to participate in the event as partners of the Maine Office of Tourism
  • Attract a smaller but more exclusive group of journalists
  • Ensure...
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Maine Children's Home for Little Wanderers
Maine Children's Home logo
Leveraging a National Issue to Generate Local Awareness


Build awareness of the Maine Children’s Home adoption program as the longest-operating adoption program in Maine

Position the adoption program leadership as knowledgeable experts in their field

Inform Mainers interested in adopting a Haitian child that new adoptions of Haitian children...

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Rangeley Lakes Region
Promoting the First-Ever World Invitational Moose Calling Championship


  • To bring attention to a new festival in the Rangeley Lakes Region of Maine through state, regional and national media coverage
  • To increase business at local accommodations and restaurants during a shoulder season weekend


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Skowhegan Savings
Skowhegan Savings 140th Birthday Cake
Using a Milestone Birthday Bash to Boost a Brand


  • Use the bank’s 140th anniversary to increase awareness and affinity among current, potential and past customers
  • Illustrate the bank’s strong commitment to community

Situation Analysis:

For many years, this Maine-based bank had been the region’s foremost...

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Maine Beer & Wine Distributors Association
Julia Clukey, Maine Beer and Wine Responsibility Initiative
Partnering with an Olympian to Teach Maine Youth the Importance of Responsibility


  • Build widespread recognition of American luger and Maine resident Julia Clukey as the spokesperson for the Maine Beer & Wine Distributors Association's Responsibility initiative
  • Generate media coverage in Augusta, Maine’s state capital, to better educate...
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Maine Children's Home
Maine Children's Home Christmas Program boxes
Saving Christmas for Those in Need


  • Create awareness that, due to Hurricane Sandy, donations were down for The Maine Children's Home for Little Wanderers annual Christmas Program
  • Immediately increase monetary donations and donations of toys, books, games and clothing
  • Raise awareness of the organization within the local community and...
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