The Marshall Plan®

The Marshall Plan® is a customized, comprehensive and strategic marketing, branding and communications plan developed through extensive research and a collaborative process to achieve measurable results.

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A Strategic Planning Process

All successful marketing endeavors begin with a strategic planning process. NMC’s trademarked, time-tested and proven approach to strategic marketing planning has helped increase revenues for a full range of clients including municipalities and governments, nonprofits, schools and universities, tourism destinations, law firms, banks, professional associations, small businesses, corporations and more.

John Ritzo, Thornton AcademyI’m a huge believer in momentum and what I saw was a tremendous amount of momentum get started, and I feel like with the plan, we’re going to be ready to roll, ready to really take this plan and move forward.  
John Ritzo, Associate Head of Advancement, Thornton Academy


65 Steps

Through The Marshall Plan® process, an in-depth, 65-step strategic exercise that involves an entire organization from top management down to those on the front lines, NMC formulates marketing plans that fully support the growth goals and unique strengths of each client.

Collaborative Approach

This collaborative approach combines the marketing expertise of NMC with your knowledge of your business to ensure the development of a strong overall strategy and supporting tactics backed by sound marketing theory and research. All components of the plan are designed to complement one another and work together in achieving your overall marketing goal.

Katy Nicketakis, Thornton AcademyWorking with the team at Nancy Marshall Communications has been informative, transformative, and fun! Their expertise and experience in the field of marketing and communications has been invaluable to us as we pull staff members to create a new team. They have helped organize and direct us to focus our work on what they know will make the biggest difference in getting the Thornton Academy brand out into the world. It's been an intense experience that forced us to look at what we already do well and develop a plan to strengthen our weaknesses.   
— Katy Nicketakis, Teacher & Director of Summer International Programs, Thornton Academy

Developed from Scratch

Each plan is developed from scratch based on the needs and resources of each client, but typical Marshall Plan® components include a complete brand platform; a quantifiable goal and supporting objectives; a competitive analysis; a SWOT analysis; tactics encompassing a full range of marketing tools; and resources and templates that will enable you to implement the plan, as well as a timeline and budget for carrying out the strategy. Measurement tools tailored to the contents of your plan will enable you to easily track and report success once implementation has begun.

The Process

The process begins with an in-depth brainstorming session in which we learn all about your business, your growth goals, past marketing endeavors, and industry developments that will impact the focus of The Marshall Plan®. The end result will be a complete marketing strategy including everything you need to hit the ground running. At this point, you can choose to implement the plan internally or with NMC’s support. We are proud to say that more than 90 percent of Marshall Plan® clients have chosen to work with us on an ongoing basis following completion of their plans.

Marshall Plan timeline

We encourage you to find out how this process will help grow your business and your profits. Read more about The Marshall Plan® process; to schedule a meeting with a member of our team, please contact us via email us or call us at 207.623.4177.