Boot Camps

The NMC team travels throughout Maine and around the U.S. to host workshops and boot camps that help others build their own successful, results-driven marketing and public relations programs, social media campaigns, branding initiatives, internet marketing strategies, and more. Programs can be tailored to varying levels of experience and to specific industries. They can range in length from one to two hours to half-day, full-day, and multi-day programs.

Here are some of the things attendees have to say about our boot camps:

"[The NMC team is] obviously accomplished and skilled, but it's the fact that they relate to the struggles and confusion of less experienced PR professionals that made their information so valuable and relatable. More than just providing conceptual ideas and standard directions, the PR workshops included industry-tested methods I was able to apply immediately upon return."

“[The NMC team] has a wealth of knowledge and I was very impressed with their ability to convey that to the seminar attendees.”

“Our workshop attendants were looking to build a basic, effective knowledge of social media in order to grow and enhance their client base. [The NMC team] went above and beyond expectations in terms of willingness to answer questions both during and after the presentation, and in the usage of real-world examples to provide our audience with practical applications for the information they received.”

“We appreciated that your presentation was tailored to what we do in real estate management and you certainly covered a lot of ground. The material was extremely helpful; we left with many ideas and there was positive feedback from attendees.”

If you are interested in speaking with us about hosting a seminar or workshop tailored to your specific needs, please contact us via email or 207-623-4177.